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Asylum Seekers with Physical Disabilities and Mental health disorder

Date: 5.5.14 Source: ASSAF
A Situation Report from ASSAF Israel 2014. The National Health Insurance Law does not apply to asylum seekers, thus denying them access to public health services (except for a special arrangement with the Me’uhedet HMO, which provides services to the children of asylum seekers and migrant workers). They receive only ad hoc emergency treatments in hospitals, basic treatment at the Health Ministry’s “Terem” clinic in Tel Aviv, and can seek care in the new “Gesher” mental-health clinic in Jaffa, or through privately purchased insurance plans. The lack of accessible, ongoing medical treatment jeopardizes the health of all asylum seekers and especially endangers asylum seekers who suffer from physical disabilities and/or psychiatric illnesses.

African Asylum Seekers Arriving in Israel via the Sinai Desert

Date: 15.12.13 Source: Refugees' Rights Forum
Refugees' Rights Forum's position paper about the african asylum seekers arriving in Israel via the Sinai dessert.


Date: 15.12.13 Source: Refugees' Rights Forum
Refugees' Rights Forum's policy paper about the principle of non-refoulement of a person to a place in which he is expected to suffer danger to life, liberty, persecution or torture.

Despite Supreme Court Ruling, New Anti-Infiltration Law Amendment will Detain Asylum Seekers Indefinitely

Date: 3.12.13

Two months after the High Court struck down an amendment that allowed Israel to imprison asylum seekers for up to three years without trial, the Knesset is on the verge of passing a new amendment, which will permit the incarceration of asylum seekers entering

Hope on Hold: African Asylum Seekers in Israel

A Report by REFUGEES INTERNATIONAL, Oct. 2013 (English)

Deportation of South Sudanese from Israel

Date: 10.9.13 Source: FMR MAGAZINE
Israel’s aggressive campaign of arrest and deportation of South Sudanese asylum seekers contravenes the principle of non-refoulement and international standards for voluntary, dignified return. By Laurie Lijnders, FMR MAGAZINE (English)

Work Permits for Victims of Trafficking and Slavery

Date: 10.7.13 Source: ASSAF
Position paper - submitted to the Sub-Committee against trafficking in women and prostitution by the Hotline for Migrant Workers and Assaf (Hebrew)


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