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Refugees in Israel

Protection of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel (October 2020)

Date: 11.11.20 Source: ASSAF

ASSAF's submission to the US Department of State Human Rights report about the general situation of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel in 2020.

Update: Asylum seekers in Israel left destitute during Covid 19 crisis (October 2020)

Date: 11.11.20 Source: ASSAF; The Refugees Rights Forum

Asylum seekers have been severely affected by the state of emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic outburst. Six months into the crisis, the asylum seekers community’s situation is deteriorating and urgent response is necessary to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

Asylum Seekers in Israel - Situation Report (August 2019)

Date: 31.10.19 Source: ASSAF; The Refugee Rights Forum

Instead of using asylum seekers for political propaganda and exploiting the genuine plight of the residents of South Tel Aviv for the purpose of conflict with the Supreme Court, it is time to embrace humane, practical and worthwhile solutions.


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