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African asylum seekers face deportation from Israel

Date: 12.12.17 Source: Al Jazeera, Harry Fawcett

Thousands of African asylum seekers and refugees are facing deportation from Israel, after parliament approved a bill allowing the government to force them out of the country.

Those who refuse to go will be imprisoned.

Looking for Legal Status

Date: 5.8.16 Source: The New York Times
By Tedros Abraha, 28, has lived in Uganda since January. He spoke to Ryan Lenora Brown in English. Brown traveled to Uganda with the International Women’s Media Foundation. As told to RYAN LENORA BROWN

Eritrea has committed widespread crimes against humanity, says UN

Date: 8.6.16 Source: The Guardian
Up to 400,000 people in Eritrea enslaved by authoritarian government, UN inquiry finds. Eritreans are one of the largest groups crossing the Mediterranean. By: Patrick Kingsley, migration correspondent

Sound of Torture

Date: 18.3.15 Source: AlJazeera
Eritrean refugees, trapped and tortured in the Sinai desert, reach out to an activist radio host in Sweden.

George Clooney on Sudan’s Rape of Darfur

Date: 25.2.15 Source: The New York Times


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