Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

"A Warm Home for ASSAF's Youth"

Yotam Gidron

"In the Youth Club I can finally unwind. When we sit down to eat dinner together I feel like I am eating with family, what I don't always have at home. Like a family dinner." (N., 14 year old Youth Program participant)

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For seven years ASSAF has operated a youth club for refugee youths – children to families of refugees and asylum seekers living in Israel for many years, studying in the Israeli educational system. These boys and girls live without legal status, in a harsh reality and in an area that is a hub for drug activity and prostitution. ASSAF's Youth Club is open in the evenings and is a unique framework for the youths, providing them with a secure and empowering environment in the late hours.

All these years the Youth Club has been facilitated and operated by a dedicated and quality team of volunteers, working in the evenings from ASSAF's office. The rooms, used by day for the activities of the organization, by night became a space of games, school work, personal talks, extracurricular activities, music, dancing, games, laughs, and movies, as well as a space where a warm and nutritious meal is prepared and served by two volunteer cooks.

ASSAF's office became a second home and a place for leisure and empowerment for 50 young boys and girls.

Over the past two years, the Youth Club's activities expanded, and our current office space does not suffice. That is why we have decided that the youths deserve a place of their own. A place that can accommodate more participants and activities, a place that is suited to their needs, a place that will not just function as a home, but also feel and look like home.

We found the right space and now we need your help in funding the rent and renovation!

Please visit our campaign and support our cause!

Adolescence is a difficult and complicated time for every young teenage boy and girl. This is all the more so for youths living without legal status and limited rights, who are coping with an identity crisis and suffer from racism and discrimination. Refugee youths are defined as "at-risk" youths needing support and empowerment. ASSAF's Youth Club is a unique framework for refugee youths, where everyone feels equal and a strong sense of belonging. The Youth Club is made possible entirely by donations and volunteers, without any support from the Israeli government.


We at ASSAF believe that boys and girls who had to escape their homelands due to persecution and civil war, deserve the same support and opportunities as every Israeli boy and girl. This is not just in the youths' best interest, but in the interest of the Israeli society in which they live. We believe in the potential of every one of our boys and girls to succeed and contribute to society, and we nurture this potential with care.