Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Our Vision

A dignified and secure life for all asylum seekers and refugees in Israel, including protection, economic and social rights and access to services insuring these right, and a legal status authorized by statute.  



The organization will provide psychosocial aid in various intervention areas and will leverage its performance by a partnership with the communities of the asylum seekers, in order to change the public discourse and the official Israeli policy.



1. Promoting decent life for asylum seekers and refugees in Israel, both as individuals and as members of the various communities.

2. Changing the public discourse in Israel. 

3. Assisting the communities of asylum seekers and refugees in self-representing themselves before the state and the society.


Intermediate goals: 

1. Providing social and economic rights.

2. Struggle against discriminatory policy and legislation.

3. Providing tools to cope with the daily life in Israel for individuals and communities.

4. Psychosocial assistance with an emphasis on vulnerable populations (youth at risk, women, mental or medical cases that require assistance).

5. Development and distribution of information regarding community, social and cultural aspects of the asylum seekers and refugees communities in Israel.

6. Rehabilitating and strengthening the structures of community, society and culture.

7. Raising awareness of the refugees and asylum seekers matter in the Israeli society. 

8. Community work in partnership with neighboring communities.


Guidelines for Action: 

- ASSAF will follow these fundamental principles: 

- Respect for human dignity and rights.

- Intervention in a partnership, as opposed to appropriation.

- Gender-related and cultural sensitivity. 

- Awareness to the needs and different characters of the various communities of refugees and asylum seekers and the individuals within them, while paying attention to the history and politics of the refugee experience and the way it is affected by these. 

- A constructive and enabling intervention, while preventing dependency. 

- While treating children, ‘the best interest of the minor’ will always be in the center of the intervention strategy and assistance. 

- ASSAF will adhere an organizational strategy of constant learning.

- Organizational and political independence.

- Self-perception as an initiating, directly active, advising and alarming organization.

- ASSAF does not distinguish between legal, illegal and temporary residents. 

- Understanding the refugees matter as a part of a wider problem of discriminatory citizenship.


Target audience: 

The population of asylum seekers and refugees, the Israeli public and the decision makers.