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Life under Siege - South Kordofan Needs Assessment

Date: 21.11.14 Source: The Enough! Project
For more than three years, South Kordofan state in Sudan has been the fighting grounds of an armed conflict between the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Army- North (SPLA-N). This conflict has had a heavy cost on civilians living in the region, as they have had to endure heavy aerial bombardments, which have led to mass casualties,and have seriously disrupted farming and food production — the key livelihood activity and means of survival in the area. In 2014, the government of Sudan scaled up its military offensive in the region and, beginning in April 2014, the area saw an upsurge of indiscriminate aerial bombardments that led to mass casualties and displacement, with many families fleeing the region into nearby foxholes and caves for shelter. Recently, civilian infrastructure, including farming plots, grain stores, health facilities, and water holes, have become the targets of aerial attacks, further harming the already vulnerable population living in the region. In August 2014, a needs assessment was undertaken in the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-
North (SPLM-N) controlled areas of South Kordofan state to determine the humanitarian situation in the area and the needs of the conflict-affected population. This assessment provides a picture of the widespread impact of the conflict on a variety of humanitarian indicators, including the nutritional status of children under five years of age. This assessment also compares select statistics to a similar assessment conducted a year ago, and generates relevant information to inform targeted response strategies.