Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Aid after a work-accident


This is a joint project with Kav LaOved. The overall objective of the action is  to ensure, Asylum Seekers that suffered work accidents are able to continue living in a physically, emotionally, and financially stable manner via upholding their rights relating to work accident, as guaranteed by Israeli labor law.

Those who suffered a work accident in the asylum seeker community have the opportunity to receive services within ASSAF that are given to all asylum seekers. In attempt to fit the needs of these cases, additional services were established:

·         Social Worker focused on specific target audience - Case management focused on the unique needs of the population. Interventions are multi-faceted, and include support calls and personal care,  therapy, working with family, friends and community of the individual, coordinating with outside institutions and organizations, assistance to appeal to institutions, social organizations and government offices in the matter of accessing worker rights, accessing legal assistance and appeals for claims in workers' rights (such as compensation for the accident), fundraising and the support of civil society for them and more

·         Individual therapy – For those who require additional help, ASSAF offers individual therapy through volunteering professionals (psychologists, art therapists, social workers)

·         Support Group – To build a sense of community to avoid isolation, provide emotional support to the individual and his family, to provide assistance in dealing with changing life circumstance (disability) through coping mechanisms, psycho-education and empowerment.

·         Community Work – To promote familiarity and accessibility of workers’ rights within the community. A significant number of asylum seekers are not familiar with the rights they must be awarded at the workplace and should an accident occur. Therefore, some of the work involves reaching out to the community member in order to provide psycho-educational workshops so that the community members themselves can pass the knowledge and awareness to their own community allowing more people access to their basic rights.

ASSAF works closely with the organization Kav LaOved in regards to assisting those who suffered a work accident to access their right in the National Insurance.