Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Israel

Welfare and Health services for status-less women, victims of sexual and physical abuse, 4.6.13

Date: 4.6.13 Source: Knesset research center
Report of the Knesset Center for Research and Information, submitted to the Special Committee on the Migrant Workers Problem and the Committee for Public Petitions. Author: Neta Moshe. (Hebrew)

Status-less Minors in Israel

Date: 11.5.13 Source: State Comptroller's report

In May 2013, the State Comptroller's report included his opinion on treatment of status-less minors (Hebrew).

20 Years of Eritrean Independence without Human Rights

Date: 9.5.13 Source: Amnesty International

A Profound report by Amnesty about lack of Human Rights in Eritrea (English). "After 30 years of civil war in Ethiopia - Eritrea seceded and on 24 May 1993 was recognized

Infringement of Rights of Children of Asylum Seekers in Israel

Date: 4.4.13 Source: ASSAF

In 2013 we wrote a report on the infringement of rights of child asylum-seekers (Hebrew). It was submitted to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (Geneva) as part of a wider report on infringement of children's rights in Israel. (Hebrew)

Amnesty Report on Sinai Torture Camps and Human Trafficking

Date: 1.4.13 Source: Amnesty International

Refugees and asylum-seekers are kidnapped, trafficked and tortured. Some of them reach Israel after succeeding in ransoming themselves or escaping. The Amnesty International report uncovers the torture trail (English)

Recommendations to the Government of Israel

Date: 20.3.13 Source: ASSAF
Position paper by Assaf, Amnesty International and the Hotline for Migrant Workers (English)

10 Years On: Violations Remain Widespread in Darfur

Date: 10.3.13 Source: Amnesty International
As the Darfur conflict marks its 10th anniversary, the human rights situation in the region remains dire. Civilians continue to face attacks by government forces, pro-government militias, and armed opposition groups. In the last three months alone, 500 people were reportedly killed and roughly 100,000 displaced in attacks against civilians that have involved members of government forces. The government in recent years has continued to carry out indiscriminate aerial bombardment and deliberate attacks against civilians. A report by Amnesty International (English)

Israel`s Policy towards Asylum Seekers is Damaging to them and to Us

Date: 1.3.13 Source: ASSAF

Summary of Israeli policy against asylum-seekers, revealing the heavy economic and social cost we are all paying. Position paper of Assaf, Amnesty International and the Hotline for Migrant Workers (Hebrew)